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WholeTree Substrates Derived from Three Species of Pine in Production of Annual Vinca
WholeTree substrates derived from loblolly pine, slash pine, or longleaf pine have potential as an alternative, sustainable source for producing short-term horticultural crops. Expand
Clean Chip Residual: A Substrate Component for Growing Annuals
It is demonstrated that CCR is a viable alternative substrate in greenhouse production of ageratum, salvia, and impatiens in large containers for annual bedding plant production. Expand
Cyclic Irrigation Reduces Container Leachate Nitrate-nitrogen Concentration
Holly shoot and root growth were minimally affected by cyclic irrigation or irrigation volume and leachate NO 3-N concentration was reduced as irrigation volume was reduced from 13 to 6 mm in Expt. Expand
Foliar SPAD-502 Meter Values, Nitrogen Levels, and Extractable Chlorophyll for Red Maple Selections
Twelve red maple selections in an existing field trial were evaluated for leaf chlorophyll content with a SPAD-502 chlorophyll meter, total foliar N concentration with a LECO CHN analyzer, and totalExpand
Survey of Best Management Practices in Container Production Nurseries
Abstract Twenty-four nurseries producing container-grown plants were surveyed along the coastal zone of south Alabama to determine Best Management Practices (BMPs) implemented since 1988. AllExpand
A Review of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Effects on Plant Growth and Water Relations: Implications for Horticulture
After reviewing the available CO2 literature, a series of priority targets for future research are offered, including a need to breed or screen varieties and species of horticultural plants for increased drought tolerance and how CO2-induced changes in plant growth and water relations will impact the complex interactions with pests. Expand
Herbicide Combinations in Tomato to Prevent Nutsedge (Cyperus esulentus) Punctures in Plastic Mulch for Multi-Cropping Systems
The objective was to identify a PRE-applied (i.e., under the plastic) treatment to minimize yellow nutsedge puncturing in plasticulture tomato production and found halosulfuron was more effective as a POST-app applied, foliar-contacting treatment. Expand
WholeTree Substrate and Fertilizer Rate in Production of Greenhouse- grown Petunia (Petunia ·hybrida Vilm.) and Marigold (Tagetes patula L.)
A substrate component (WholeTree) made from loblolly pine was evaluated along with starter fertilizer rate in the production of greenhouse-grown petunia and marigold and found dry weight was similar for all substrates where at least 2.37 kgm -3 SF was used. Expand
Clean Chip Residual as a Substrate for Perennial Nursery Crop Production
Results of this study indicate that acceptable growth of perennial plants can be obtained in substrates composed of CCR when compared to PB and PB amended with PM. Expand