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Time-domain modeling of peripheral auditory processing: a modular architecture and a software platform.
A software package with a modular architecture has been developed to support perceptual modeling of the fine-grain spectro-temporal information observed in the auditory nerve. The package containsExpand
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Objective evaluation of aided thresholds using auditory steady-state responses.
Auditory steady-state responses to amplitude-modulated tones with modulation frequencies between 80 and 105 Hz can be recorded when multiple stimuli are presented simultaneously through a soundfieldExpand
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A computational model of the auditory periphery for speech and hearing research. I. Ascending path.
A dual analog/digital model of the ascending path through the entire auditory periphery is described. Expand
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A computational model of the auditory periphery for speech and hearing research. II. Descending paths.
The auditory model described in Giguère and Woodland [J. Am. Acoust. Soc. 94, 331-342 (1993)] is applied to the simulation of the descending paths to the peripheral ear. Expand
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The Efficiency/Security Trade-Off in Criminal Networks
A consistent trade-off facing participants in any criminal network is that between organizing for efficiency or security—participants collectively pursue an objective while keeping the action leading to that goal concealed. Expand
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“Legitimate Strengths in Criminal Networks”
Extending from the organizing crime perspective, we study how legitimate world actors contribute to structuring a criminal network. This focus also underscores the facilitating role that someExpand
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Bidirectional modulation of AMPA receptor properties by exogenous phospholipase A2 in the hippocampus
The synaptic modifications underlying long‐term potentiation (LTP) and long‐term depression (LTD) of synaptic transmission in various brain structures may result from changes in the properties of theExpand
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