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Assessment of water quality in Lake Garda (Italy) using Hyperion
Abstract For testing the integration of the remote sensing related technologies into the water quality monitoring programs of Lake Garda (the largest Italian lake), the spatial and spectralExpand
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Detecting chlorophyll, Secchi disk depth and surface temperature in a sub-alpine lake using Landsat imagery.
Some bio-physical parameters, such as chlorophyll a concentration, Secchi disk depth and water surface temperature were mapped in the sub-alpine Lake Iseo (Italy) using Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM)Expand
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Estimation of leaf and canopy water content in poplar plantations by means of hyperspectral indices and inverse modeling
Abstract This study investigates the applicability of empirical and radiative transfer models to estimate water content at leaf and landscape level. The main goal is to evaluate and compare theExpand
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Determination of chlorophyll concentration changes in Lake Garda using an image-based radiative transfer code for Landsat TM images
The distribution of phytoplankton chlorophyll concentration in Lake Garda (Italy) was estimated using Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) data acquired at two different times, February 1992 and March 1993.Expand
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Measuring freshwater aquatic ecosystems: The need for a hyperspectral global mapping satellite mission
Freshwater ecosystems underpin global water and food security, yet are some of the most endangered ecosystems in the world because they are particularly vulnerable to land management change andExpand
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Airborne hyperspectral data to assess suspended particulate matter and aquatic vegetation in a shallow and turbid lake
Abstract This paper presents an application of a physic-based method that relies on spectral inversion procedures to simultaneously estimate concentrations of water constituents, water column heightsExpand
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Carte Géologique du Maroc au 1/50000 - Feuille Boumalne
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Evaluation of Multi-Resolution Satellite Sensors for Assessing Water Quality and Bottom Depth of Lake Garda
In this study we evaluate the capabilities of three satellite sensors for assessing water composition and bottom depth in Lake Garda, Italy. Expand
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Chlorophyll retrieval with MERIS Case-2-Regional in perialpine lakes
Semi-analytical remote sensing applications for eutrophic waters are not applicable to oligo- and mesotrophic lakes in the perialpine area, since they are insensitive to chlorophyll concentrationExpand
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Interpretation and processing of ASTER data for geological mapping and granitoids detection in the Saghro massif (eastern Anti-Atlas, Morocco)
Satellite remote sensing analysis is extensively used for geological mapping in arid regions. However, it is not considered readily applicable to the mapping of metamorphic and igneous terrains,Expand
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