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Cerebrotendinous cholestanolosis in relation to other cerebral xanthomatoses
A synopsis is given of 37 reported patients with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis; divided in 11 possible, but not proven cases of C.T.Ch (cerebrotendinous cholestanolosis), and 26 proven cases. AnExpand
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Xanthomatosis and other clinical findings in patients with elevated levels of very low density lipoproteins
Forty‐six patients with xanthomatosis and elevated very low density hpoproteins (VLDL) levels (in different types of hyperlipoproteinaemia) were classified on the basis of the WHO criteria and theExpand
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Preliminary Report on Coronary Lesions and Serum Lipids Before and After 2 Years Dietary Intervention in 22 Patients
It is of importance to examine if certain interventional procedures can possibly influence the rate of progress of coronary sclerosis in man. In femoral atherosclerosis, Blankenhorn has already shownExpand
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