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Wittgenstein on mathematics, minds, and mental machines
The universal "game" of mathematics - the early years the early calculus conception the idealist institutionism conceptual problems in calculations - the later calculus conception the "foundations"Expand
A Research Program with No “Measurement Problem” a
The ''measurement problem'' of contemporary physics is met by recognizing that the physicist participates when constructing and when applying the theory consisting of the formulated formal andExpand
Measurement problem in PROGRAM UNIVERSE
The “measurement problem” of contemporary physics is in our view an artifact of its philosophical and mathematical underpinnings. We describe a new philosophical view of theory formation, rooted inExpand
Program for a constructive physics
In this paper we outline a program for physics using as basic mathematics counting, binary arithmetic and randomness. We believe this approach makes sense because the discretization of physics hasExpand
Constructing a bit string universe. Progress report
We present a case for discrete, constructive physics that generates four scale constants, a connection to laboratory events and scattering theory that ties these to the dimensional constants c, h,Expand
We argue that the discretization of physics which has occurred thanks to the advent of quantum mechanics has replaced the continuum standards of time, length and mass which brought physics toExpand
A paradigm for discrete physics
An example is outlined for constructing a discrete physics using as a starting point the insight from quantum physics that events are discrete, indivisible and non-local. Initial postulates areExpand
By basing physics on a growing universe of bit strings generated by a simple recursive algorithm quantum mechanics, S-momentum conservation, the Lorentz transformations for quantum events, theExpand
Thought and Privacy
A Participator: The Metaphysical Subject