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High predictivity of galactosyl-hydroxylysine in urine as an indicator of bone metastases from breast cancer.
We measured the urinary excretion of galactosyl-hydroxylysine (GH) and hydroxyproline in two groups of women with breast cancer, with (M+, n = 24) and without (Mo, n = 30) clinical, scintigraphic, orExpand
Biochemical markers for detecting bone metastases in patients with breast cancer.
In a selected population of patients affected by metastases on the basis of scintigraphic examination, the only marker able to predict metastases was galactosyl-hydroxylysine, and the efficiency of the markers was assessed by a double statistical analysis. Expand
Possible mechanism of inhibition of cartilage alkaline phosphatase by insulin
Data suggest direct interaction between the alkaline phosphatase and insulin molecules, involving either disulfide cross linkages or the metal chelating activity of insulin. Expand
Urinary β-1-galactosyl-0-hydroxylysine (GH) as a marker of collagen turnover of bone
Measurement of GH in urine provides a simple and noninvasive method for the evaluation of the extent of bone resorption in large groups of subjects and appears to be more specific than urinary hydroxyproline excretion. Expand