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SUMMARY The characteristics of 38 English isolates of Erwinia amylovora were studied independently at East Malling Research Station and at the National Agricultural Advisory Service LaboratoriesExpand
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Comparison of Plant Pathogenic Pseudomonads from Fruit Trees
Summary. The characteristics of 59 pathogenic pseudomonads isolated from stone fruit trees in south east England, 30 from cherry and 29 from plum, were compared with 41 isolates from pear trees in aExpand
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Bacterial canker of stone‐fruits: Infection experiments with Pseudomonas mors‐prunorum and P. syringae
SUMMARY The effect was compared of inoculating Pseudomonas mors-prunorum and P. syringae at high inoculum concentration through wounds in plum stems and cherry branches, and through cherry-leafExpand
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Assessment of somaclonal variation in apple. I. Resistance to the fire blight pathogen, Erwinia amylovora
SummaryAfter inoculation of glasshouse-grown somaclones regenerated from apple leaf discs (cv. Greensleeves) 33% of 270 showed an increase in resistance to the fire blight pathogen Erwinia amylovora.Expand
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Screening Prunus Rootstocks for Resistance to Bacterial Canker, Caused by Pseudomonas Morsprunorum
SummaryNew clonal cherry rootstocks selected at East Mailing Research Station were assessed for resistance to bacterial canker. Resistance was not stable at the seedling stage, and trees should beExpand
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Studies on the Bacteriophagy of Pseudomonas mors‐prunorum, Ps. syringae and Related Organisms
Summary: A group of 23 phages, mainly isolated with Pseudomonas mors-prunorum and Ps. syringae as the propagating strains, was tested against more than 200 pseudomonads including named plantExpand
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Changes in the microbial population of apple leaves associated with the inhibition of the perfect stage of Venturia inequalis after urea treatment
SUMMARY Treatment of detached apple leaves in October with urea induced a rapid and prolonged increase in the microbial populations present in the leaves during the winter. These effects wereExpand
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Observations on Lysogeny in the Plant Pathogens Pseudomonas mors‐prunorum and Ps. syringae
Summary Phages were detected in 23 out of 56 cultures of Ps. mors-prunorum, the organism causing the bacterial canker of cherry and plum in south-east England, but not in 9 cultures of Ps.Expand
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