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Electrical Burns During Laparoscopy
To The Editor.— Design faults in the operating laparoscope manufactured by Richard Wolf Instrument Company make it electrically hazardous when used with electrocautery. Other laparoscopes apparentlyExpand
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Induction of Ovulation With Cisclomiphene and a Placebo
Cisclomiphene, one of the two isomers of clomiphene, has been previously used for induction of ovulation. This paper describes the use of cisclomiphene in 5-mg and 10-mg dose schedules, and comparesExpand
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Adolescent health services and contraceptive use.
A pilot study of a health services program for never-pregnant high-school students, which stresses development of incentives for personal involvement in their own health care, reports a low incidenceExpand
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Electrosurgical hazards in laparoscopy. (Letter to the editor)
A review of the available laparoscopic equipment has shown that no i nstruments adequately safeguard against the hazards of electric shock and burn to personnel during laparoscopic sterilization byExpand
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Electrosurgical Hazards In Laparoscopy
To the Editor— In a recent letter, we outlined the electric shock and burn hazards to personnel during laparoscopic sterilization by electrocautery. Subsequently, we have reviewed the availableExpand
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Emotional distress in morning‐after pill patients
Abstract. The self‐administered SCL‐90 test was utilized to collect emotional distress data on 120 female patients requesting morning‐after pill pregnancy interception. SCL prescores were significantExpand
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Development of the Pill
  • C. García
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  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1 December 2004
Abstract: The history of development of the first oral contraceptive reveals the coalescence of scientific and social forces in the late 1950s that led to his major advance in reproductive freedomExpand
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