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Neuropeptide S Enhances Memory During the Consolidation Phase and Interacts with Noradrenergic Systems in the Brain
Evidence is provided for a facilitatory role of NPS in long-term memory, independent of memory content, possibly by acting as a salience signal or as an arousal-promoting factor. Expand
The trivial function of sleep.
It is argued that the function of sleep could be trivial for mammals and birds because sleep does not provide additional advantages over simple rest, and it is proposed that few, if any, phenotypic selectable traits do exist in sleep. Expand
Age-related changes in circadian rhythm of serotonin synthesis in ring doves: Effects of increased tryptophan ingestion
The results suggest that the supplemental administration of tryptophan might aid to improve the descent in 5-HT that normally occurs, as animals get old. Expand
Cognitive improvement by acute growth hormone is mediated by NMDA and AMPA receptors and MEK pathway
GH improved working memory processes through both glutamatergic receptors NMDA and AMPA and it required the activation of extracellular MEK/ERK signalling pathway. Expand
Review Beneficial effect and mechanism of action of Momordica charantia in the treatment of diabetes mellitus: a mini review
Treatment with M. charantia fruit juice reduced blood glucose levels, improved body weight and glucose tolerance, and modulates xenobiotic metabolism and oxidative stress in patients with type 1 DM. Expand
Improving effects of long-term growth hormone treatment on monoaminergic neurotransmission and related behavioral tests in aged rats.
In vivo findings suggest that the positive effects induced by GH on serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline neurotransmitters might explain, at least in part, the effects of chronic GH treatment in improving cognitive and motor ability in aged rats, and could aid in preventing or delaying deficits in monoamines associated with learning or motor disabilities. Expand
Evolution of wakefulness, sleep and hibernation: From reptiles to mammals
The origin of the whole continuum of mammalian vigilance states including waking, sleep and hibernation is presented and the causes of the alternation NREM-REM in a sleeping episode are presented. Expand
The effect of chronic treatment with GH on gonadal function in men with isolated GH deficiency.
The data show that GH treatment displays a clear-cut effect upon Leydig cell function and increases the production of seminal plasma volume in fertile adult males with isolated GH deficiency. Expand
Comments on evolution of sleep and the palliopallial connectivity in mammals and birds
It is proposed that the review of the Evolution of slow wave sleep and palliopallial connectivity in mammals and birds missed important aspects in relation to the characteristics of sleep in poikilotherm vertebrates and in the evolution of sleep. Expand
The Evolution of Consciousness in Animals
Publisher Summary The problem of an objective definition of consciousness increases several orders of magnitude when trying to recognize the physical basis of consciousness and the existence ofExpand