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Achieving Optimal Misclassification Proportion in Stochastic Block Models
In this paper, we present a computationally feasible two-stage method that achieves optimal statistical performance in misclassification proportion for stochastic block model under weak regularity conditions. Expand
Robust Covariance and Scatter Matrix Estimation under Huber's Contamination Model
Covariance matrix estimation is one of the most important problems in statistics. To accommodate the complexity of modern datasets, it is desired to have estimation procedures that not only canExpand
Sparse CCA via Precision Adjusted Iterative Thresholding
Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis (CCA) has received considerable attention in high-dimensional data analysis to study the relationship between two sets of random variables. However, there hasExpand
Modeling and Restraining Mobile Virus Propagation
  • C. Gao, Jiming Liu
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
  • 1 March 2013
We propose a two-layer network model for simulating virus propagation through both Bluetooth and SMS, which propagate through Bluetooth and Short/Multimedia Message Services, respectively. Expand
Exact Exponent in Optimal Rates for Crowdsourcing
We study the optimal error rate for aggregating labels provided by a set of non-expert workers. Expand
Optimal Estimation and Completion of Matrices with Biclustering Structures
In this paper, we develop a unified theory for the estimation and completion of matrices with biclustering structures, where the data is a partially observed and noise contaminated data matrix. Expand
Object class detection: A survey
Object class detection, also known as category-level object detection, has become one of the most focused areas in computer vision in the new century. Expand
Network immunization and virus propagation in email networks: experimental evaluation and analysis
In this paper, an existing interactive model is introduced and then improved in order to better characterize the way a virus spreads in email networks with different topologies. Expand
Performance Analysis of Physical Layer Security Over Generalized-$K$ Fading Channels Using a Mixture Gamma Distribution
In this letter, the secrecy performance of the classic Wyner's wiretap model over generalized-K fading channels is studied. Expand
On Physical Layer Security Over Generalized Gamma Fading Channels
In this letter, we study the secrecy performance of the classic Wyner's wiretap model over the generalized Gamma fading channels. Expand