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Diel biogeochemical processes and their effect on the aqueous chemistry of streams: A review
Abstract This review summarizes biogeochemical processes that operate on diel, or 24-h, time scales in streams and the changes in aqueous chemistry that are associated with these processes. SomeExpand
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Hydrogeochemistry and rare earth element behavior in a volcanically acidified watershed in Patagonia, Argentina
Abstract The Rio Agrio watershed in northern Patagonia, Argentina is naturally acidic due to discharges of volcanic H 2 SO 4 , HCl, and HF at its headwaters near the summit of Copahue Volcano. AExpand
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Diel behavior of rare earth elements in a mountain stream with acidic to neutral pH
Abstract Diel (24-h) changes in concentrations of rare earth elements (REE) were investigated in Fisher Creek, a mountain stream in Montana that receives acid mine drainage in its headwaters. ThreeExpand
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Biogeochemical controls on Diel cycling of stable isotopes of dissolved O2 and dissolved inorganic carbon in the Big Hole River, Montana.
Rivers with high biological productivity typically show substantial increases in pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration during the day and decreases at night, in response to changes in theExpand
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The aqueous geochemistry of the rare earth elements. Part XIV: The solubility of rare earth element phosphates from 23 to 150 °C
Abstract Rare earth element (REE) phosphates such as monazite and xenotime are important as ore minerals, potential hosts of radioactive waste, and target phases for isotopic dating. However, thereExpand
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Diel cycles in dissolved metal concentrations in streams: Occurrence and possible causes
[1] Substantial diel (24-hour) cycles in dissolved (0.1-μm filtration) metal concentrations were observed during low flow for 18 sampling episodes at 14 sites on 12 neutral and alkaline streamsExpand
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Diel behavior of iron and other heavy metals in a mountain stream with acidic to neutral pH: Fisher Creek, Montana, USA
Abstract Three simultaneous 24-h samplings at three sites over a downstream pH gradient were conducted to examine diel fluctuations in heavy metal concentrations in Fisher Creek, a small mountainExpand
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Factors controlling copper solubility and chalcopyrite deposition in the Sungun porphyry copper deposit, Iran
Abstract The Sungun porphyry copper deposit is hosted in a Diorite/granodioritic to quartz-monzonitic stock that intruded Eocene volcanosedimentary and Cretaceous carbonate rocks. CopperExpand
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Creating Lakes from Open Pit Mines: Processes and Considerations, Emphasis on Northern Environments
Gammons, C. H., Harris, L.N., Castro J.M., Cott, P.A., and Hanna, B.W. 2009. Creating lakes from open pit mines: processes and considerations with emphasis on northern environments. Can. Tech. Rep.Expand
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Chemical mobility of gold in the porphyry-epithermal environment
Using recently published experimental data, we have calculated the solubility of gold for simplified magmatic fluids that cool between 500 degrees and 300 degrees C. The starting fluid has theExpand
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