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A nutrient‐regulated, dual localization phospholipase A2 in the symbiotic fungus Tuber borchii
It is reported that nutrient deprivation causes a strong and reversible up‐regulation of TbSP1, a surface‐associated, Ca2+‐dependent phospholipase from the mycorrhizal fungus Tuber borchii, and it appears that a dual localization phospholIPase A2 is involved in the adaptation of a symbiotic fungus to conditions of persistent nutritional limitation. Expand
IMP‐GMP 5′‐Nucleotidase from Rat Brain: Activation by Polyphosphates
Two enzyme forms of IMP‐GMP 5′‐nucleotidase were detected when the extracts from rat tissues or from the crustacean Artemia were subjected to chromatography on a Dyematrex Green A column. Expand