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Alalakh : an account of the excavations at Tell Atchana in the Hatay, 1937-1949
(Gordion: AJA 60 [1956] pl. 93 fig. 41; 6I, this number; ILN November 17, 1956, 858 fig. 9). As explained above, much of the interpretation of Phrygian culture is subject to annual modification with
The Harran Inscriptions of Nabonidus
  • C. Gadd
  • History
    Anatolian Studies
  • 1 December 1958
The Three Stelae bearing the inscriptions here published were discovered by Dr. D. S. Rice at Harran in August–September 1956, while he was engaged in examining the architecture of the ruined Great
Assyria and Babylonia
This article discusses the architecture of Assyria and Babylonia, two kingdoms that were located in modern-day Iraq and surrounding parts of Syria, Turkey, and Iran. This region overlaps with
The Assyrian Herbal; a monograph on the Assyrian vegetable drugs . By R. Campbell Thompson, M.A., F.S.A. 12⅜ × 8; pp. xxvii + 294. London, Luzac, 1924. 30s.
  • C. Gadd
  • History
    The Antiquaries Journal
  • 1 October 1924
The author is an enthusiast on the subject, and has seemingly exhausted every available source of information respecting the importation of this very serviceable metal into this country, but he has,
Omens Expressed in Numbers
  • C. Gadd
  • History
    Journal of Cuneiform Studies
  • 1 January 1967
Looking recently through an envelope of copies made at various times from tablets which passed through my hands or came to my notice at the British Museum, I found among them an omentext, apparently
Babylonian Chess?
We have not, as yet, found them in Nineveh or Babylon, though we are convinced they were played there. E. Falkener, Games Ancient and Oriental, Introd., p. 2. For one who had the privilege of
Practical procedures in the emergency department
Supporting, Strapping & Splinting for spinal immobilization using a backboard, including log-rolling, and wound care products, including topical antiseptic solutions &#.