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The Influence of the Institutional Context on Corporate Illegality
This paper examines the relationship between the institutional environment and sustained corporate illegality. We find that cognitive assumptions generate expectations that can, under specificExpand
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Bad apples, bad barrels and bad cellars: a ‘boundaries’ perspective on professional misconduct
Professions have traditionally been associated with a public safeguard role, with their superior ethical standards usually invoked to justify their occupational privileges and special labour marketExpand
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Exploring the Drivers of Corporate Reputation: A Study of Italian Securities Analysts
Corporate reputation can be broadly defined as a set of collectively held beliefs about a company's ability to satisfy the interests of its various stakeholders. In this paper, we report findingsExpand
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How Does the Media Frame Corporate Scandals? The Case of German Newspapers and the Volkswagen Diesel Scandal
Despite the importance that the media has in regard to influencing people’s perceptions of wrongdoing, organizational scholars have paid little attention to how the media reports wrongdoing. ThisExpand
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Professional Misconduct in Healthcare: Setting Out a Research Agenda for Work Sociology
In the light of its surprising absence in extant literature in the domain of the sociology of work, specifically within the journal Work, Employment and Society, this article represents a ‘call toExpand
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Professions and (new) management occupations as a contested terrain : Redefining jurisdictional claims
In this article, we discuss how research on professions and organizations may benefit from a better understanding of the emergence and prevalence of 'new' management occupations or 'corporateExpand
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Sustained corporate corruption and processes of institutional ascription within professional networks
The last 20 years have seen some of the most dramatic cases of corporate corruption. One of the most striking features of these cases is the inability of professionals and professional firms toExpand
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How to Build Reputation in Financial Markets
A company's reputation for accountability and trustworthiness is a critical factor in its ability to attract the financial resources required to support its strategies. However, there has been littleExpand
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Corporate Reputation and Stock Market Behavior
The final chapter of this section deals with the question how to build and maintain a positive reputation among the financial community, the most powerful stakeholder group concerning the monetaryExpand
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