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A Supplement To Distribution And Taxonomy Of Birds Of The World
This supplement to Sibley and Monroe's "Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World" presents changes in systematics that they have noted through May 1992, including a change in the total number of living species to 9702. Expand
Phylogeny and Classification of the Birds: A Study in Molecular Evolution
Part 1: a brief history structure and properties of DNA gene structure and function genetic regulation DNA reassociation and thermal stability the sequence organization of the genome the families ofExpand
Continental breakup and the ordinal diversification of birds and mammals
THE classical hypothesis for the diversification of birds and mammals proposes that most of the orders diverged rapidly in adaptive radiations after the Cretaceous/Tertiary (K/T) extinction event 65Expand
Considerable importance is placed on the identification and measurement of sources of natural selection, the one unifying process in the biological sciences. Usually, sources of selection can only beExpand
The early history of modern birds inferred from DNA sequences of nuclear and mitochondrial ribosomal genes.
Phylogenetic results suggest that the earliest neornithines were heavy-bodied, ground-dwelling, nonmarine birds, and this inference provides a possible explanation for the large gap in the early fossil record of birds. Expand
DNA sequence support for a close phylogenetic relationship between some storks and New World vultures.
Direct sequence evidence for a close phylogenetic alliance between at least some New World vultures and storks lends support to conclusions reached previously from DNA, and it illustrates how mistaken assumptions of homology for organismal adaptations can compromise biological classifications. Expand
The phylogeny of the hominoid primates, as indicated by DNA-DNA hybridization
This work has compared the single-copy nuclear DNA sequences of the hominoid genera using DNA-DNA hybridization to produce a complete matrix of delta T50H values and shows that the branching sequence of the lineages was: Old World monkeys, gibbons, Orangutan, Gorilla, chimpanzees, and Man. Expand
DNA-DNA hybridization evidence of the rapid rate of muroid rodent DNA evolution.
The results agree with previous reports of accelerated DNA evolution in muroid rodents and extend the DNA-DNA hybridization data set of Brownell. Expand
A World Checklist of Birds
This book provides a list of 9,702 living avian species based on their 1990 book Distribution and Taxonomy of Birds of the World and its 1993 Supplement and gives the Latin and English names for the species recognised in that work and in the Supplement. Expand