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Palatablility and escaping ability in Neotropical butterflies: tests with wild kingbirds (Tyrannus melancholicus, Tyrannidae)
Abstract The palatability and the ability of neotropical butterflies to escape after being detected, attacked, and captured by wild kingbirds ( Tyrannus melancholicus Vieillot), was investigated byExpand
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As borboletas (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) do Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (Distrito Federal, Brasil)
The Brazilian cerrado, the second largest bioma in this country, is now constituted only by fragments of vegetation that together correspond to less than 20% of its original vegetation. This studyExpand
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As borboletas (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) do Distrito Federal, Brasil
The butterflies (Lepidoptera, Papilionoidea) of the Distrito Federal, Brazil. An updated list containing 504 species and 506 subspecies of butterflies (Papilionoidea) found in the Distrito FederalExpand
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Fish anesthesia: effects of the essential oils of Hesperozygis ringens and Lippia alba on the biochemistry and physiology of silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen)
The anesthetic activities of the essential oils (EOs) of Hesperozygis ringens (EOHR) and Lippia alba (EOLA) and their effects in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) after anesthesia and recovery wereExpand
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Seasonal influence on the essential oil production of Nectandra megapotamica (Spreng.) Mez
This study evaluated the seasonal influence on the yield and chemical composition of the essential oil (EO) of Nectandra megapotamica. Fresh young (YL) and old leaves (OL) obtained from three treesExpand
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The responses of wild jacamars (Galbula ruficauda, Galbulidae) to aposematic, aposematic and cryptic, and cryptic butterflies in central Brazil
1. This article reports the responses of wild, adult jacamars to butterflies with distinct coloration types in central Brazil. Fully aposematic species, i.e. those exhibiting bright and/orExpand
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Evaluation of Ocimum americanum essential oil as an additive in red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) diets.
This study evaluated productive parameters, whole-body composition, non-specific immune responses and pH and microbiota of digestive tract contents of red drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) fed dietsExpand
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Does Müllerian Mimicry Work in Nature? Experiments with Butterflies and Birds (Tyrannidae)1
ABSTRACT The selective advantage of Mullerian mimicry in nature was investigated by releasing live mimetic and nonmimetic butterflies close to wild, aerial-hunting tropical kingbirds (TyrannusExpand
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Stress response in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) exposed to the essential oil of Hesperozygis ringens
This study investigated the effects of prolonged exposure of silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) to the essential oil (EO) of Hesperozygis ringens. Ventilatory rate (VR), stress and metabolic indicators,Expand
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