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Determination of copper in water samples by atomic absorption spectrometry after cloud point extraction
Abstract.Cloud point extraction employing the new reagent 6-[2′-(6′-methyl-benzothiazolylazo)]-1,2-dihydroxy-3,5-benzenedisulfonic acid as complexing agent and Triton X-114 as the surfactant isExpand
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Flow injection preconcentration system using a new functionalized resin for determination of cadmium and nickel in tobacco samples.
A solid-phase extraction method combined with flow injection (FI) on-line flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) for the determination of cadmium and nickel in tobacco samples is presented. TheExpand
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Simplex optimization: A tutorial approach and recent applications in analytical chemistry
In this work, a tutorial reviewing the basic concepts, fundamental approach and a work guide are presented for those who contemplate simplex optimization as a tool to develop analytical methods. Expand
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A review of multivariate designs applied to the optimization of methods based on inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES)
Abstract This review covers the application of multivariate designs and mathematical-statistical techniques to establish optimal conditions of the analytical methods for elemental analysis usingExpand
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Preconcentration Systems Using Polyurethane Foam/Me-BDBD for Determination of Copper in Food Samples
Abstract.A new reagent, 6-[2′-(6′-methyl-benzothiazolylazo)]-1,2-dihydroxy-3,5-benzenedisulfonic acid (Me-BDBD), was synthesised and used in on-line and off-line systems for copper preconcentrationExpand
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Determination and Evaluation of Metallothionein and Metals in Mugil cephalus (Mullet) from Pontal Bay, Brazil
To assess environmental contamination, studies have been increasingly carried out using biomarkers to diagnose the effects of toxic metal exposure, such as metallothionein (MT). In this context, theExpand
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Evaluation of macro and micronutrient elements content from soft drinks using principal component analysis and Kohonen self-organizing maps.
This study approaches the determination of nine elements from Brazilian carbonated soft drinks of several flavors and manufactures using inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICPExpand
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A Multiple Response Function for Optimization of Analytical Strategies Involving Multi-elemental Determination
Fil: Novaes, Cleber G.. Universidade Estadual do Sudoeste da Bahia; Brasil. Universidade Federal da Bahia; Brasil
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An automated preconcentration system for the determination of manganese in food samples
Abstract In this work, an on-line automated system for the preconcentration and evaluation of manganese in food samples is proposed. The preconcentration of manganese ions is carried out using twoExpand
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Simultaneous optimization of multiple responses and its application in Analytical Chemistry - A review.
This manuscript covers the application of the main techniques for simultaneous optimization of multiple responses generated by the application of multivariate designs (two-factor factorial, CentralExpand
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