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A cortical band of gelatinous fibers causes the coiling of redvine tendrils: a model based upon cytochemical and immunocytochemical studies
A cortical band of fiber cells originate de novo in tendrils of redvine [Brunnichia ovata (Walt.) Shiners] when these convert from straight, supple young filaments to stiffened coiled structures inExpand
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Preformation, architectural complexity, and developmental flexibility in Acomastylis rossii (Rosaceae).
The duration of preformation and the seasonal pattern of development were studied in the architecturally complex alpine perennial Acomastylis rossii. Each leaf and inflorescence requires 3 yr toExpand
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The pattern of carbon allocation supporting growth of preformed shoot primordia in Acomastylis rossii (Rosaceae).
Extreme preformation, the initiation of leaves or inflorescences more than 1 yr before maturation and function, is common in arctic and alpine habitats. This extended pattern of development providesExpand
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