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Biogeography of Free-Living Soil Nematodes from the Perspective of Plate Tectonics
In this first biogeographical synthesis based on the morphology and known distribution of a group of free-living soil nematodes, data indicate a pre-Jurassic origin followed by West GondwanalandExpand
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Intersexes of Leptonchus obtusus Thorne.
were observed. Although there were several normal females, no males were found. Both intersex specimens resembled the female in body shape and exhibited apparently normal female sexual characters;Expand
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New Data for Leptonchus transvaalensis from Nigeria, and Key to Leptonchus.
In our published key to Leptonchus (1) the short prerectum was used as the character to separate L. transvaalensis Heyns, 1963, from the other Leptonchus species. In the original description, basedExpand
Funaria maryanneae n. sp. and Proleptonchus weischeri n. sp. (Nematoda: Dorylaimida) from Europe and new synonyms in Leptonchoidea.
Funaria maryanneae n. sp., distinguished by its large size and long prerectum, is described from specimens collected in Bad Sooden, Germany, D. B. R. This nematode was collected also from FräkmünteggExpand
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