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Adult beginner distance language learner perceptions and use of assignment feedback
Perceptions and use of assignment feedback among adult beginner modern foreign language learners on higher education distance learning courses are examined to find those who use feedback strategically and those who appear to take little account of either marks or feedback.
Learner Characteristics and Learning Outcomes on a Distance Spanish Course for Beginners.
A comparison of results following online and face- to-face tuition demonstrates for the first time at scale that different modes of tuition do not necessarily lead to different learning outcomes: online language learning can be as effective as face-to-face teaching.
Making the most of others: autonomous interdependence in adult beginner distance language learners
Autonomy in language learning does not simply equate with independence, as language learning is a social activity that requires interaction with others. This also applies just as much to distance
Student Training in the Use of an Online Synchronous Conferencing Tool.
Students benefited from using their L1 to practice techniques for projecting their social presence in an online communicative situation, where they needed to compensate for the absence of non-verbal communication that characterizes face-to-face encounters.
Feedback on feedback: eliciting learners’ responses to written feedback through student-generated screencasts
The richness of the data obtained from the Feedback on feedback (F on F) method suggests that it has the potential to promote much needed feedback dialogue between students and tutors.
Becoming an effective learner
Each of the ten chapters features a number of exercises in order to help students assess the ways they learn and consider where improvements can be made, making the most of the media available and how to use resources effectively.
Evaluating alignment of student and tutor perspectives on feedback on language learning assignments
ABSTRACT Feedback alignment is key to the effectiveness of formative feedback, but often tutors can only guess whether their feedback is consistent with students’ needs and expectations. This study
The motivational challenge facing beginner learners of Spanish at a distance
This paper presents some preliminary findings of an on-going longitudinal study of initial motivation and motivation maintenance in beginner distance adult learners of Spanish in the UK. Adapting a
How do adult beginner distance language learners respond to assignment feedback ? A qualitative study
This qualitative study examines perceptions and use of assessment feedback among adult beginner modern foreign language learners on higher education distance learning courses. A survey of responses
Sticking with Spanish: Reasons for Study and Motivation Maintenance in Adult Beginner Distance Language Learners
Abstract This paper examines the reasons for study of adult beginner distance learners of Spanish and the relationships between those reasons and motivation maintenance. A survey of 563 Open