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The Camphor Flame: Popular Hinduism and Society in India
Popular Hinduism is shaped, above all, by worship of a multitude of powerful divine beings--a superabundance indicated by the proverbial total of 330 million gods and goddesses. The fluidExpand
A Comparison of Disaster Paradigms: The Search for a Holistic Policy Guide
The following article discusses the current emphasis and attention being given to the future of emergency management, as well as theoretical constructs designed to guide research and helpExpand
The Camphor Flame: Popular Hinduism and Society in India.
the camphor flame popular hinduism and society in india are a good way to achieve details about operating certainproducts. Many products that you buy can be obtained using instruction manuals. TheseExpand
Companionate marriage in India: the changing marriage system in a middle‐class Brahman subcaste
The Eighteen-Village Vattimas are a Tamil Brahman subcaste. They were formerly rural landlords, but today they mostly belong to the urban middle class. In recent decades, the Vattimas' marriageExpand
The Nayars Today
List of illustrations List of tables Preface 1. 'The Nobles of Malabar': foreign images of the Nayars 2. Introduction to the Nayas in Central Travancore 3. The Nayar kinship system in Ramankara 4.Expand
Kerala Christians and the Caste System
Le systeme de la caste ne joue qu'en tant qu'institution traditionnelle en ce qui concerne les Chretiens| systeme respecte envers les castes hindoues, mais non entre les diverses confessionsExpand
Hinduism and Scriptural Authority in Modern Indian Law
Contemporary Indian law is, for the most part, palpably foreign in origin or inspiration and it is notoriously incongruent with the attitudes and concerns of much of the population which lives underExpand
The conditions of listening: Essays on religion, history, and politics in South Asia
Acknowledgements Editorial Note Introduction: History and Theory in the Interpretation of South Asian Society (C.J. Fuller and Jonathan Spencer) PART I SOCIETY AND RELIGION 1. Hierarchical Models ofExpand
Information Technology Professionals and the New-Rich Middle Class in Chennai (Madras)
Since 1991, when the policy of economic liberalisation began in earnest, the size and prosperity of India's middle class have grown considerably. Yet sound sociological and ethnographic informationExpand