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Interest and mortality randomness in some annuities
Abstract A model is presented which can be used when interest rates and future lifetimes are random, for certain annuities. Expressions for the mean values and the standard deviations of the presentExpand
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Anabolic-androgenic steroid dependence.
The authors believe that this is the first published case report of a patient whose dependence on a combination of anabolic and androgenic steroids meets the DSM-III-R criteria for psychoactiveExpand
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Extra randomness in certain annuity models
Abstract An alternative model is presented which can be used when interest rates and future lifetimes are random, for certain annuities. The Wiener stochastic process is a major component in theExpand
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Predicting success of a beginning computer course using logistic regression (abstract only)
Enrollment in computer science classes has grown at an alarming rate despite often inadequate university resources and a shortage of trained computer science faculty. Expand
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Computer science undergraduate capstone course
Curriculum concerns of the computer science discipline continue to require refinements in this rapidly changing field. Expand
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A collective risk comparative study
Abstract Infinite time ruin probabilities are computed by the convolution method, the incomplete gamma function method, and an inverse Gaussian method for a real-life example involving data fromExpand
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Refined distributions for a multi-risk stochastic process
Abstract This paper considers a collective risk model formed linearly from four stochastic processes. The first process involves random sums of random variables, and portrays the insurance claims.Expand
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We use Monte Carlo methods to generate random deviates of a multi-risk collective model. Expand
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A stochastic model of computer use
Abstract This paper develops a stochastic model of computer use which can serve as a management tool in computer centers. The model draws on the extensive research done in collective risk theory.Expand
Preventing the plagiarism of programming assignments (Panel Discussion)
Plagiarism on programming assignments, particularly in lower-level computer classes, has been a problem of considerable concern. Expand