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Social Media: A Critical Introduction
"Timely new chapters on China and the sharing economy of Uber and Airbnb strengthen an already vital contribution to communication studies. Through the lens of critical theory, Fuchs provides theExpand
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Internet and Society: Social Theory in the Information Age
  • C. Fuchs
  • Political Science
  • 12 December 2007
In this exceptional study, Christian Fuchs discusses how the internet has transformed the lives of human beings and social relationships in contemporary society. By outlining a social theory of theExpand
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Labor in Informational Capitalism and on the Internet
  • C. Fuchs
  • Economics, Computer Science
  • Inf. Soc.
  • 30 April 2010
This article argues that in informational capitalism, the notion of class should be expanded to include everybody who creates and recreates spaces of common experience, such as user-generated content on the Internet, through their practices. Expand
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Africa and the digital divide
  • C. Fuchs, E. Horak
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • Telematics Informatics
  • 1 May 2008
The digital divide is a phenomenon linked not only to the topic of access to the Internet, but also to the one of usage and usage benefit. Expand
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Digital Labour and Karl Marx
1. Introduction 2. An Introduction to Karl Marx's Theory 3. Contemporary Cultural Studies and Karl Marx 4. Dallas Smythe and Audience Labour Today 5. Capitalism or Information Society 6. DigitalExpand
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Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies
1. Introduction Part 1: Theory 2. Critical Theory Today 3. Critical Media and Information Studies 4. Karl Marx and Critical Media and Information Studies Part 2: Case Studies 5. The Media andExpand
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Theoretical Foundations of the Web: Cognition, Communication, and Co-Operation. Towards an Understanding of Web 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
We provide a theoretical understanding of the Web as a techno-social system that enhances human cognition towards communication and co-operation. Expand
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Alternative Media as Critical Media
This article deals with the category of alternative media from a theoretical perspective. It aims to develop a definition and to distinguish different dimensions of alternative media. The article isExpand
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What Is Digital Labour? What Is Digital Work? What’s their Difference? And Why Do These Questions Matter for Understanding Social Media?
This paper deals with the questions: What is digital labour? What is digital work? Based on Marx’s theory, we distinguish between work and labour as anthropological and historical forms of humanExpand
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The implications of new information and communication technologies for sustainability
This paper discusses the relationship of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and sustainable development. It deconstructs popular myths about a sustainable information society. OneExpand
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