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Degradation of phenanthrene, fluorene, fluoranthene, and pyrene by a Mycobacterium sp.
Mycobacterium sp. strain BB1 was isolated from a former coal gasification site. It was able to utilize phenanthrene, pyrene, and fluoranthene as sole sources of carbon and energy and to degradeExpand
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Measurement of the noise generation at the trailing edge of porous airfoils
Owls are commonly known for their quiet flight, enabled by three adaptions of their wings and plumage: leading edge serrations, trailing edge fringes and a soft and elastic downy upper surface of theExpand
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Degradation of pyrene at low defined oxygen concentrations by a Mycobacterium sp.
  • C. Fritzsche
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Applied and environmental microbiology
  • 1 May 1994
In a fermentor, a Mycobacterium sp. was grown on pyrene at defined oxygen concentrations in a range from 11.4 to 227 microM. The maximal growth rate (mumax = 0.057 h-1) and the dissolved oxygenExpand
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Silent Owl Flight: Bird Flyover Noise Measurements
Mostgeneraofowls(Strigiformes)havetheabilityto flysilently.Themechanismsofthesilent flightoftheowlhave been the subject of scientific interest for many decades. The results from studies in the pastExpand
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Porous Airfoils: Noise Reduction and Boundary Layer Effects
The present paper describes acoustic and hot–wire measurements that were done in the aeroacoustic wind tunnel at the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus on various SD7003–type airfoils madeExpand
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Air pollution and allergy: experimental studies on modulation of allergen release from pollen by air pollutants.
The fact that allergic diseases increase in prevalence is a generally accepted and worldwide phenomenon. The causes for this increase are not known: only hypothetical concepts exist. EpidemiologicalExpand
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Silent Owl Flight: Acoustic Wind Tunnel Measurements on Prepared Wings
wings are characterized in the study as technical airfoils in terms of their acoustic and aerodynamic performance. The experiments took place in an aeroacoustic open jet wind tunnel using microphoneExpand
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Acoustic and aerodynamic design and characterization of a small-scale aeroacoustic wind tunnel
Abstract The aeroacoustic wind tunnel at Brandenburg University of Technology at Cottbus is a newly commissioned research facility for the experimental study of sound generation from bodies immersedExpand
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Utilization of solubilized and crystalline mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons by a Mycobacterium sp.
A strain of Mycobacterium, that is able to degrade fluorene, phenanthrene, fluoranthene and pyrene was grown on various mixtures of these substrates. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) wereExpand
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