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Massless Fields with Integer Spin
The Fierz-Pauli Lagrangian for massive particles with arbitrary integral spin s, first obtained by Hagen and Singh, is examined in the limit of vanishing mass. Unexpectedly, a considerableExpand
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Massless fields with half-integral spin
The Fierz-Pauli Lagrangian for massive particles with spin s = n + 1/2, n integer, is examined in the limit of vanishing mass. A considerable simplification occurs. The potential h is aExpand
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Singletons and massless, integral-spin fields on de Sitter space
Gauge-invariant wave equations for massless fields with fixed, but arbitrary, integer spin have been constructed. Extended to include interactions with external sources, the theory remainsExpand
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Quantum mechanics as a deformation of classical mechanics
Mathematical properties of deformations of the Poisson Lie algebra and of the associative algebra of functions on a symplectic manifold are given. The suggestion to develop quantum mechanics in termsExpand
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Deformation theory and quantization. I. Deformations of symplectic structures
Abstract We present a mathematical study of the differentiable deformations of the algebras associated with phase space. Deformations of the Lie algebra of C∞ functions, defined by the PoissonExpand
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Elementary Particles in a Curved Space
We report a beginning in a project to determine the consequences of the following assumption, "that a physical theory in flat space is obtainable as the limit of a physical theory in a curved space."Expand
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Elementary particles in a curved space. II
Irreducible representations of the 3 + 2 de Sitter group are associated with free Dirac fields in a space of constant, positive curvature. (AIP)
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Massless, half-integer-spin fields in de Sitter space
Gauge-invariant wave equations are obtained for massless fields in de Sitter space, with arbitrary, half-integer spin. Massless quanta with spins s=1/2, 3/2, ... carry a series of unitary,Expand
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Generalization and exact deformations of quantum groups
A large family of "standard" coboundary Hopf algebras is investigated. The existence of a universal R-matrix is demonstrated for the case when the parameters are in general position. AlgebraicExpand
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Massless Particles, Orthosymplectic Symmetry and Another Type of Kaluza-Klein Theory
The superalgebra osp(8/l) is intimately related to the twistor program. Its most singular representation has the following property: restricted to the conformal subalgebra it contains each and everyExpand
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