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bareback sex, bug chasers, and the gift of death
This research examines barebacking, or unprotected sex. Specifically, we analyze one form of barebacking, known as bug chasing, in which HIV-negative gay men seek to become infected with the deadly
The occupational milieu of the nude dancer
This article is a descriptive study of the occupation of the nude dancer/stripper. Data were obtained from in‐depth interviews with 57 dancers. These interviews were augmented by 36 extensive
societal reaction to sex offenders: a review of the origins and results of the myths surrounding their crimes and treatment amenability
Examination of societal reaction to sexual offenders reveals a history of harshness exemplified by the sexual psychopath laws of the 1930s. The latest round of legal attempts to control sex offenders
Chasing and catching bad guys': the game warden's prey
This paper is a descriptive analysis of the most dangerous aspect of the job of game warden: the apprehension of poachers. Based on data from interviews with 31 game wardens, the author describes the
Okadaic acid: the archetypal serine/threonine protein phosphatase inhibitor.
A historical perspective on the role that okadaic acid has played in stimulating a broad spectrum of modern scientific research as a result of the natural product's ability to bind to and inhibit important classes of protein serine / threonine phosphatases is provided.
Risk Factors, Endurance of Victimization, and Survival Strategies: The Impact of the Structural Location of Men and Women on Their Experiences Within Homeless Milieus
This article offers a qualitative analysis of the risk factors associated with homelessness, the endurance of victimization while homeless, and the survival strategies as well as how these factors
describing sexual behavior in the era of the internet: a typology for empirical research
ABSTRACT Gagnon and Simon's (1967) groundbreaking work on sexual deviance divided behaviors into normal, pathological, and sociological categories. We reconstruct this typology as a pair of two cross
Strategic Flirting and the Emotional Tab of Exotic Dancing
ABSTRACT The paper uses the concept strategic flirting, an aspect of emotional labor, to challenge the dichotomous view that sex work is either exploitative or empowering for exotic dancers. The
Folk outlaws: vocabularies of motives
This paper investigates poaching. Based on ethnographic data from interviews with 36 poachers and 31 game wardens the AA. describe the rationalizations of poachers for continuing their illegal
Considerable theoretical and empirical inquiry has focused on the role codes for violence play in generating crime. A large part of this work has examined the attitudes and codes condoning