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Difference in serum ascorbate in two species of Callithricidae.
In one species each of the subfamilies marmosets and tamarins of the New World monkey family Callithricidae, serum levels of ascorbic acid were compared. Although the feeding regimen had been the
Ascorbic acid in a New World monkey family: Species difference and influence of stressors on ascorbic acid metabolism
These isotope excretion studies suggest a different metabolic behavior of ascorbic acid in the two species, supposedly caused by a higher sensitivity of the tamarins when subjected to the same conditions as marmosets.
Endogenous N-excretion and minimal protein requirement for maintenance of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus).
The protein requirement for maintenance of the marmoset Callithrix jacchus was investigated by factorial calculation via the N balance technique, finding that when a low protein diet was fed in the preperiod, only 7 days were necessary to reach a minimum of N excretion during protein depletion.
Long-term experiments with low dietary protein levels in Callithricidae
It can be concluded, that the protein requirement of Callithricidae is not as high as supposed, and that a supply of 2.8 g protein/kg body weight is enough for Saguinus fuscicollis.
Evaluation of a pelleted diet in a colony of marmosets and tamarins.
By offering various pelleted diet modifications to five species of Callitrichidae, a palatable 24% protein diet was developed and it was concluded that the nutrient levels of this diet were adequate or above actual requirements.
Coprophagy in marmosets due to insufficient protein (amino acid) intake
In the course of experiments to study the minimal protein requirement of common marmosets by nitrogen balance methods, coprophagy was observed. It occurred in most animals fed diets either with a
Ascorbic acid requirement and assessment of ascorbate status in the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus).
TheAA requirement of marmosets is severalfold higher than the AA requirement of humans, and this intake was achieved in this trial with a diet containing 500 ppm AA.
Species differences in a New World monkey family in blood values of the vitamins A, E and C.
Zusammenfassung Speziesunterschiede in den Blutwerten der Vitamine A, E und C hei einer Neuweltaffenfamilie In den zwei verwandten Affenspezies Callithrix jacchus und Saguinus fuscicollis
Determination of the protein requirement of marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) by nitrogen balance with regard to the concentration of essential amino acids in the diet
Zusammenfassung Der Proteinbedarf von Marmosets (Callithrix jacchus) und der ungefahre Bedarf an essentiellen Aminosauren, bestimmt mit der N-Bilanzmethode Der Proteinbedarf adulter
Palatability and digestibility of soya- and milk proteins in Callithricidae
4 protein sources were tested for palatability, digestibility, influence on bodyweight and consistency of faeces in Callithrix jacchus and Saguinus fuscicollis and changes in bodyweight were negligible.