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Long-range elastic-mediated interaction between nanoparticles adsorbed on free-standing smectic films.
We determine the elastic-mediated interaction between colloidal nanoparticles adsorbed on the surface of free-standing smectic films. In contrast with the short-range character of theExpand
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Inertial-Hall effect: the influence of rotation on the Hall conductivity
Inertial effects play an important role in classical mechanics but have been largely overlooked in quantum mechanics. Nevertheless, the analogy between inertial forces on mass particles andExpand
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Electron on a cylinder with topological defects in a homogeneous magnetic field
In this work we study the effects of the geometry and topology of a cylinder on the energy levels of an electron moving in a homogeneous magnetic field. We consider the existence of topologicalExpand
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Quantum motion of a point particle in the presence of the Aharonov--Bohm potential in curved space
The nonrelativistic quantum dynamics of a spinless charged particle in the presence of the Aharonov--Bohm potential in curved space is considered. We chose the surface as being a cone defined by aExpand
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On the quantum dynamics of a point particle in conical space
Abstract A quantum neutral particle, constrained to move on a conical surface, is used as a toy model to explore bound states due to both a inverse squared distance potential and a δ -functionExpand
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Position-dependent mass effects in the electronic transport of two-dimensional quantum systems
In this work, we investigate the electronic transport properties of curved two-dimensional quantum systems with a position-dependent mass (PDM). We found the Schr\"odinger equation for a generalExpand
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Landau levels, self-adjoint extensions and Hall conductivity on a cone
In this work we obtain the Landau levels and the Hall conductivity at zero temperature of a two-dimensional electron gas on a conical surface. We investigate the integer quantum Hall effectExpand
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On Aharonov?Casher scattering in a CPT-odd Lorentz-violating background
The effects of a Lorentz symmetry-violating background vector on Aharonov?Casher scattering in the nonrelativistic limit are considered. Using the self-adjoint extension method, we find that there isExpand
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On Aharonov–Casher bound states
In this work bound states for the Aharonov–Casher problem are considered. According to Hagen’s work on the exact equivalence between spin-1/2 Aharonov–Bohm and Aharonov–Casher effects, is known thatExpand
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The effect of singular potentials on the harmonic oscillator
Abstract We address the problem of a quantum particle moving under interactions presenting singularities. The self-adjoint extension approach is used to guarantee that the Hamiltonian is self-adjointExpand
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