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Radiation dermatitis: clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment 2006.
I onizing radiation is used to treat a variety of primary tumors, as well as to palliate metastatic disease. Dermatologists are no strangers to this modality of therapy and, since the discovery ofExpand
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Chronic Wound Repair and Healing in Older Adults: Current Status and Future Research
Older adults are more likely to have chronic wounds than younger people, and the effect of chronic wounds on quality of life is particularly profound in this population. Wound healing slows with age,Expand
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Guidelines for the treatment of arterial insufficiency ulcers
1. Co-chaired panel 2. University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT 3. University of Texas, San Antonio, TX 4. Sinai Hospital/Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Baltimore, MD 5. GKT School of Medicine,Expand
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Successful treatment of extensive posttraumatic soft-tissue and renal infections due to Apophysomyces elegans.
We describe the clinical course and successful treatment of a previously healthy man who, after experiencing trauma, presented with severe cutaneous mucormycosis due to Apophysomyces elegans andExpand
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for severe ulcerative colitis.
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been used to successfully treat perineal Crohn's disease. We describe the first successful use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of ulcerative colitis,Expand
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Hepatic portal venous gas with hyperbaric decompression: ultrasonographic identification.
HPVG detected radiographically or using ultrasonography generally is regarded as a clinically significant finding that usually indicates the need for immediate surgical intervention. Clinical reportsExpand
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Infrapopliteal transcatheter interventions for limb salvage in diabetic patients: importance of aggressive interventional approach and role of transcutaneous oximetry.
OBJECTIVES This study sought to determine whether infrapopliteal transcatheter interventions can salvage ischemic limbs in diabetic patients referred for below the knee amputation at our institution.Expand
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Components and Quality Measures of DIME (Devitalized Tissue, Infection/Inflammation, Moisture Balance, and Edge Preparation) in Wound Care
OBJECTIVES: To discuss how patient considerations and the initial wound environment can affect wound treatment and summarize the way in which the initial US Wound Registry measures capture aspects ofExpand
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Massive localized lymphedema, a disease unique to the morbidly obese: a case study.
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Massive localized lymphedema (MLL) is a unique presentation of lymphedema resulting in a large, benign, painless mass that develops in morbidly obese patients, most commonly on the medial thigh.Expand
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Lymphoedema in bariatric patients
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