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Null energy conditions in quantum field theory
For the quantized, massless, minimally coupled real scalar field in four-dimensional Minkowski space, we show (by an explicit construction) that weighted averages of the null-contracted stress-energy
A Quantum Weak Energy Inequality¶for Dirac Fields in Curved Spacetime
Abstract: Quantum fields are well known to violate the weak energy condition of general relativity: the renormalised energy density at any given point is unbounded from below as a function of the
Algebraic Quantum Field Theory
We give a pedagogical introduction to algebraic quantum field theory (AQFT), with the aim of explaining its key structures and features. Topics covered include: algebraic formulations of quantum
Quantum energy inequalities in two-dimensional conformal field theory
Quantum energy inequalities (QEIs) are state-independent lower bounds on weighted averages of the stress-energy tensor, and have been established for several free quantum field models. We present
Quantum Fields and Local Measurements
The measurement process is considered for quantum field theory on curved spacetimes. Measurements are carried out on one QFT, the "system", using another, the "probe" via a dynamical coupling of
Dynamical Locality and Covariance: What Makes a Physical Theory the Same in all Spacetimes?
The question of what it means for a theory to describe the same physics on all spacetimes (SPASs) is discussed. As there may be many answers to this question, we isolate a necessary condition, the
Linearized Einstein gravity (with possibly non-zero cosmological constant) is quantized in the framework of algebraic quantum field theory by analogy with Dimock's treatment of electromagnetism [Rev.
On a recent construction of ‘vacuum-like’ quantum field states in curved spacetime
Afshordi, Aslanbeigi and Sorkin have recently proposed a construction of a distinguished “S-J state” for scalar field theory in (bounded regions of) general curved spacetimes. We establish rigorously
A quantum weak energy inequality for spin-one fields in curved space–time
Quantum weak energy inequalities (QWEI) provide state-independent lower bounds on averages of the renormalized energy density of a quantum field. We derive QWEIs for the electromagnetic and massive
Absolute Quantum Energy Inequalities in Curved Spacetime
Abstract.Quantum Energy Inequalities (QEIs) are results which limit the extent to which the smeared renormalized energy density of the quantum field can be negative, when averaged along a timelike