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Serum Concentrations of DDT and DDE among Malaria Control Workers in the Amazon Region
Serum Concentrations of DDT and DDE among Malaria Control Workers in the Amazon Region: Celso P. Ferreira, et al. Laboratory of Environmental Toxicology, Department of Biological Sciences, NationalExpand
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Memantine effects on liver and adrenal gland of rats exposed to cold stress
Background Memantine attenuates heart stress due cold stress, however, no study focused its effects on liver and adrenal gland. We evaluated its effects on lipid depletion in adrenal gland andExpand
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Musical Auditory Stimulation and Cardiac Autonomic Regulation
Humans discovered the effects of the musical auditory stimulation on their own wellness at the dawn of the pre-historical age, i.e., during the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthalian cave cultures.Expand
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Evaluation of movements of lower limbs in non-professional ballet dancers: hip abduction and flexion
BackgroundThe literature indicated that the majority of professional ballet dancers present static and active dynamic range of motion difference between left and right lower limbs, however, noExpand
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Musical auditory stimulation at different intensities and its effects on the geometric indices of heart‐rate variability
Introduction Previous studies have shown that relaxation music increases the heart's parasympathetic modulation as well as reducing its sympathetic activity. However, what is lacking in theExpand
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A Educação Fiscal como Instrumento de Combate ao Planejamento Tributário Ilícito
This article presents an analysisabout the importance of tax education, as a means to stimulate an awareness and fiscal citizenship, citizen-taxpayer. It is used the bibliographic research to analyzeExpand
Farkli yoğunluklarda klasik barok ve heavy metal müzikle işitsel uyari sirasinda kalbin otonom regülasyonu
## # † Objectives: The effects of chronic music auditory stimulation on the cardiovascular system have been investigated in the literature. However, data regarding the acute effects of differentExpand
A Contribuição de Intervenção no Domínio Econômico – CIDE como Efetivo Instrumento de Proteção ao Meio Ambiente
On compliance with the finiteness of natural resources, humanity is realizing the need to harmonize economic development and environmental protection. From this awareness, comes the concept ofExpand