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Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases
The book Plasma Kinetics in Atmospheric Gases is a worthwhile contribution to the basic phenomena in nitrogen, oxygen and other atmospheric gases. It contains basic introductory chapters on
Microwave discharges : fundamentals and applications
Surface Wave Discharges: Waves Propagation in Bounded Plasmas C. Boisse-Laporte. Strongly Damped Surface Waves in Plasmas G. Lister. Microwave Plasma Sources: Surface Wave Plasma Sources Z.
A collisional-radiative model for microwave discharges in helium at low and intermediate pressures
A stationary collisional-radiative model for helium microwave discharges in cylindrical geometry is developed by coupling the rate balance equations for the n<or=6 excited states of helium to the
Self-Consistent Modeling of Volume and Surface Processes in Air Plasma
A self-consistent model for bulk and surface kinetic processes in low-pressure flowing discharges in N 2 -O 2 mixtures is presented. The model has a small number of input parameters and includes a
Microwave plasmas applied for the synthesis of free standing graphene sheets
Self-standing graphene sheets were synthesized using microwave plasmas driven by surface waves at 2.45 GHz stimulating frequency and atmospheric pressure. The method is based on injecting ethanol
Self-consistent kinetic model of low-pressure - flowing discharges: I. Volume processes
This work is the first of two companion papers devoted to the kinetic modelling of low-pressure DC flowing discharges in - mixtures. While the present paper is mainly concerned with bulk discharge
Electron and heavy-particle kinetics in the low pressure oxygen positive column
A kinetic model for the low-pressure oxygen positive column is presented and discussed. The model is based on the electron Boltzmann equation and the rate balance equations for the dominant
Properties and applications of surface wave produced plasmas
2014 Long quiescent, stable and reproducible cylindrical plasma columns can be obtained as a result of the propagation of electromagnetic surface waves. The frequency of these waves is of the order
Coupled electron energy and vibrational distribution functions in stationary N2 discharges
The electron energy distribution function in N2 and the vibrational distribution function of N2 molecules in the electronic ground state were calculated self-consistently for steady state conditions