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Reverse current and arc-back in a single-gap mercury-arc valve
Arc-backs produced by continuously raising the stress on a high-voltage single-gap single-anode mercury-arc valve are preceded by a change in reverse current before failure occurs. On the cycle atExpand
Observation of faults in convertor bridges
A method of simultaneously monitoring the seven valves in a 3-phase Graetz bridge circuit is described. The d.c. smoothing-inductor voltage is observed for this purpose. It is shown that the point ofExpand
Anode sputtering in high-voltage mercury arc valves
A method is described whereby the anode sputtering rate during recovery of a mercury arc valve can be estimated from its transient inverse current and voltage waveforms. Inverse currents have beenExpand
Recovery in a multigrid rectifier
Simultaneous recovery of grading grids has been observed in a multigrid mercury-arc valve without the appearance of grid discharges. Expand
How Buddhists and Catholies of Sri Lanka See Each Other- A factor analytic approach
Si lors des élections de 1956, les problèmes liés au renou veau bouddhiste singhalais étaient dominants, en 1970, par contre, c'était les problèmes économiques qui étaient centraux. Ces changementsExpand
High-power glow discharges
A method of stabilizing low-pressure, high-power (100 kW) glow discharges against glow-arc transitions is described. An external circuit consisting of an inductor, a series resistor and a shuntExpand
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