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Purification and Characterization of Brochocin A and Brochocin B(10-43), a Functional Fragment Generated by Heterologous Expression in Carnobacterium piscicola
An improved purification method was developed for BrcC, in which n-butanol and chloroform extraction are used, and showed that BrcA is expressed as the mature 59-amino-acid peptide but thatBrcB is produced by C. piscicola as a fragment, BrcB(10-43), which is cleaved at an internal Gly-Gly site. Expand
The crystal structure of Rv0793, a hypothetical monooxygenase from M.␣tuberculosis
The 3-dimensional structure of Rv0793 has been solved to 1.6 Å resolution and may represent a class of monooygenases acting as reactive oxygen species scavengers that are essential for evading host defenses. Expand