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Grammatical processing in language learners
The ability to process the linguistic input in real time is crucial for successfully acquiring a language, and yet little is known about how language learners comprehend or produce language in realExpand
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Continuity and shallow structures in language processing
The core idea that we argued for in the target article was that grammatical processing in a second language (L2) is fundamentally different from grammatical processing in one's native (first)Expand
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How native-like is non-native language processing?
Following several decades of research on native language (L1) processing, psycholinguists have more recently begun to investigate how non-native language (L2) speakers comprehend and process languageExpand
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The processing of ambiguous sentences by first and second language learners of English
This study investigates the way adult second language (L2) learners of English resolve relative clause attachment ambiguities in sentences such as The dean liked the secretary of the professor whoExpand
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Antecedent Priming at Trace Positions in Children’s Sentence Processing
The present study examines whether children reactivate a moved constituent at its gap position and how children’s more limited working memory span affects the way they process filler-gapExpand
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Morphological Structure in Native and Nonnative Language Processing
This article presents a selective overview of studies that have investigated how advanced adult second language (L2) learners process morphologically complex words. The studies reported here haveExpand
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Processing wh-dependencies in a second language: a cross-modal priming study
This study investigates the real-time processing of wh-dependencies by advanced Greek-speaking learners of English using a cross-modal picture priming task. Participants were asked to respond toExpand
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Children's Processing of Ambiguous Sentences: A Study of Relative Clause Attachment
In this study, we investigate children's and adults' relative clause attachment preferences in sentences such as The student photographed the fan of the actress who was looking happy. Twenty-nine 6-Expand
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Topological quantum chemistry
Since the discovery of topological insulators and semimetals, there has been much research into predicting and experimentally discovering distinct classes of these materials, in which the topology ofExpand
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Storage and integration in the processing of filler-gap dependencies: An ERP study of topicalization and wh-movement in German
We recorded event-related brain potentials (ERPs) during the processing of unambiguous German sentences containing different types of filler-gap dependency. Both topicalization constructions andExpand
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