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WordNet : an electronic lexical database
The lexical database: nouns in WordNet, Katherine J. Miller a semantic network of English verbs, and applications of WordNet: building semantic concordances are presented. Expand
Introduction to WordNet: An On-line Lexical Database
Standard alphabetical procedures for organizing lexical information put together words that are spelled alike and scatter words with similar or related meanings haphazardly through the list.Expand
Combining Local Context and Wordnet Similarity for Word Sense Identification
This chapter contains sections titled: Introducfion, Training and Testing Data, Experiment 1: The Local Context Classifier, Experiment 2: Measuring Word Similarity In Wordnet, Experiment 3: CombiningExpand
Introducing the Arabic WordNet project
The approach towards building a lexical resource in Standard Arabic will be based on the design and contents of the universally accepted Princeton WordNet and will be mappable straightforwardly onto PWN 2.0 and EuroWordNet, enabling translation on the lexical level to English and dozens of other languages. Expand
A Semantic Network of English Verbs
This chapter contains sections titled: The Ocanization Of Verbs In Word Net, Lexical And Semantic Relations Among Verbs And Synsets, Polysemy, Testing The Psychological Validity Of The Wordnet Model,Expand
A Semantic Network of English: The Mother of All WordNets
The design and contents of the English lexical database WordNet are given, which serves as a model for similarly conceived wordnets in several European languages, and the potential uses are outlined not only for applications in natural language processing, but also for research in stylistic analyses in conjunction with a semantic concordance. Expand
English Verbs as a Semantic Net
Gene Signatures of Progression and Metastasis in Renal Cell Cancer
The gene expression of primary tumors provides us information about the metastatic status in the respective patients and has the potential, if prospectively validated, to enrich the armamentarium of diagnostic tests in RCC. Expand