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Weyl Semimetal Phase in Noncentrosymmetric Transition-Metal Monophosphides
Based on first-principle calculations, we show that a family of nonmagnetic materials including TaAs, TaP, NbAs, and NbP are Weyl semimetals (WSM) without inversion centers. We find twelve pairs of
Multi-Weyl topological semimetals stabilized by point group symmetry.
We perform a complete classification of two-band k·p theories at band crossing points in 3D semimetals with n-fold rotation symmetry and broken time-reversal symmetry. Using this classification, we
Correspondence between Winding Numbers and Skin Modes in Non-Hermitian Systems.
We establish exact relations between the winding of "energy" (eigenvalue of Hamiltonian) on the complex plane as momentum traverses the Brillouin zone with periodic boundary condition, and the
Topological nodal line semimetals with and without spin-orbital coupling
lines in the Brillouin zone. We propose two different classes of symmetry protected nodal lines in the absence and in the presence of spin-orbital coupling (SOC), respectively. In the former, we
Observation of three-component fermions in the topological semimetal molybdenum phosphide
An angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy is used to demonstrate the existence of a triply degenerate point in the electronic structure of crystalline molybdenum phosphide, which opens up a way of exploring the new physics of unconventional fermions in condensed-matter systems.
Bulk Topological Invariants in Noninteracting Point Group Symmetric Insulators
We survey various quantized bulk physical observables in two- and three-dimensional topological band insulators invariant under translational symmetry and crystallographic point group symmetries
All Magic Angles in Twisted Bilayer Graphene are Topological.
This work proves, using an approximate low-energy particle-hole symmetry, that the gapped set of bands that exist around all magic angles have a nontrivial topology stabilized by a magnetic symmetry, provided band gaps appear at fillings of ±4 electrons per moiré unit cell.
Compensated Semimetal LaSb with Unsaturated Magnetoresistance.
By combining angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and quantum oscillation measurements, we performed a comprehensive investigation on the electronic structure of LaSb, which exhibits
Topological Semimetals with Helicoid Surface States
A detailed theoretical and numerical study demonstrates a connection between the electronic structure of topological semimetals and Riemann surfaces.
Non-Hermitian Bulk-Boundary Correspondence and Auxiliary Generalized Brillouin Zone Theory.
It is shown that all the analytic properties of the GBZ can be characterized by an algebraic equation, the solution of which in the complex plane is dubbed as auxiliary GBZ (aGBZ), which provides an analytic approach to the spectral problem of open boundary non-Hermitian systems in the thermodynamic limit.