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Bisphenol A affects germination and tube growth in Picea meyeri pollen through modulating Ca2+ flux and disturbing actin-dependent vesicular trafficking during cell wall construction.
Bisphenol A (BPA), a widespread pollutant, is reportedly harmful to humans, animals and plants. However, the effect of BPA on plant pollen tube growth, as well as the mechanism involved, remainsExpand
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Extracellular ATP is involved in the initiation of pollen germination and tube growth in Picea meyeri
Key messageGymnosperm pollen grains release ATP to the extracellular matrix which is essential for the initiation of pollen germination and tube growth.AbstractExtracellular ATP (eATP) is anExpand
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Enhanced photoluminescence properties of methylene blue dye encapsulated in nanosized hydroxyapatite/silica particles with core-shell structure
Organic dye of methylene blue (MB) was encapsulated in core-shell structured hydroxyapatite/silica particles (HAp/silica-MB) through a modified Stöber method with the addition of polyvinylpyrrolidoneExpand
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Quantitative Detection of Mixed Gases by Sensor Array Using C-Means Clustering and Artificial Neural Network
  • Jifeng Chu, Mingzhe Rong, +7 authors Xiaohua Wang
  • Computer Science
  • IECON - 45th Annual Conference of the IEEE…
  • 1 October 2019
A sensor array with supervised and unsupervised algorithms was employed to selectively detect NO2, CO and their mixtures. Expand
Tellurene Nanoflake-Based Gas Sensors for the Detection of Decomposition Products of SF6
Tellurene has a phosphorene-like puckered configuration and exhibits great air stability. This characteristic makes it highly sensitive to some gases, and therefore, it has a huge potential in gasExpand