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A Metrics Suite for Object Oriented Design
We develop a new suite of metrics for object-orientation (OO) design that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the software development process and suggest ways to use them for process improvement. Expand
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Towards a metrics suite for object oriented design
This paper presents theoretical work that builds a suite of metrics for object-oriented design that are based upon measurement theory and are informed by the insights of experienced object- oriented software developers. Expand
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An empirical validation of software cost estimation models
This paper evaluates four of the most popular algorithmic models used to estimate software costs (SLIM, COCOMO, Function Points, and ESTIMACS). Expand
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The assimilation of software process innovations: an organizational learning perspective
The burden of organizational learning surrounding software process innovations SPIs-and complex organizational technologies in general-creates a "knowledge barrier" that inhibits diffusion. Expand
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The Illusory Diffusion of Innovation: An Examination of Assimilation Gaps
This study introduces the assimilation gap concept, and develops a general operational measure derived from the difference between the cumulative acquisition and deployment curves associated with the alternatively conceived adoption events. Expand
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Managerial Use of Metrics for Object-Oriented Software: An Exploratory Analysis
In this research, an analysis of a set of metrics proposed by Chidamber and Kemerer (1994) is performed in order to assess their usefulness for practising managers. Expand
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An Empirical Approach to Studying Software Evolution
We describe a set of methods and techniques that we have developed and adapted to empirically study software evolution. Expand
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Scale Economies in New Software Development
In this paper we reconcile two opposing views regarding the presence of economies or diseconomies of scale In new software development. Expand
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A model to evaluate variables impacting the productivity of software maintenance projects
We develop an estimable production frontier model of software maintenance, using a new methodology that allows the simultaneous estimation of both the production frontier and the effects of several productivity factors. Expand
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Software complexity and maintenance costs
We show that prior empirical evidence linking software complexity to software maintenance costs is relatively weak. Expand
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