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The Plastic Extension and Fracture of Aluminium Crystals
In the Bakerian Lecture, 1923, an experiment was described in which a large single crystal of aluminium was stretched till it broke. The resulting distortions were measured at various stages of theExpand
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The Stabilisation of a Thin Sheet by a Continuous Supporting Medium
The structural problems of metal aircraft design largely centre round the difficulty of making efficient compression members. This difficulty is accentuated when loads are small in relation to theExpand
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Bakerian Lecture. The Distortion of an Aluminium Crystal during a Tensile Test
The work described in the following pages was inspired by a paper in which Prof. Carpenter and Miss Elam described the result of applying tensile tests to specimens of aluminium which had beenExpand
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The Distortion of Iron Crystals
In recent years several attempts have been made to determine what happens to iron crystals when they are strained and various conflicting statements have been made as to the connection between theExpand
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Tensile Tests of Large Gold, Silver and Copper Crystals
Large crystals of a number of metals have been made by Bridgman by slowly lowering a tube containing the metal through a furnace so that it cools from one end. By using a graphite tube DaveyExpand
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The Production of Single Crystals of Aluminium and their Tensile Properties
The crystals of which metals and alloys are composed are allotriomorphic. They are generally very small, and cannot usually be distinguished without the aid of a microscope. It is quite true that inExpand
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The Distortion of β -Brass and Iron Crystals
Experiments on the distortion of metal crystals having cubic face-centred or hexagonal lattices have given very consistent results, and in every experiment the slip-plane has proved to be the crystalExpand
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Tensile Tests on Alloy Crystals. Part II. Solid Solution Alloys of Copper and Zinc
A previous paper has described the method of making rods of metal in the form of one crystal by slowly lowering graphite tubes containing a rod of the required metal through a furnace, so thatExpand
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