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Nonparametric reconstruction of the cosmic expansion with local regression smoothing and simulation extrapolation
In this work we present a nonparametric approach, which works on minimal assumptions, to reconstruct the cosmic expansion of the Universe. We propose to combine a locally weighted scatterplotExpand
Tensor instability in the Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld theory of gravity
In this paper we consider an extension to Eddington's proposal for the gravitational action. We study tensor perturbations of a homogeneous and isotropic space-time in the Eddington regime, whereExpand
The final state of gravitational collapse in Eddington‐inspired Born‐Infeld theory
In this paper, we address the implications when a homogeneous dust model is considered for a scenario of gravitational collapse in the context of Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld (EiBI) theory. InExpand
Cosmological viable models in $f(T,B)$ gravity as solutions to the $H_0$ tension
In this work we present a further investigation about Teleparallel Gravity Cosmology. We demonstrate that according the current astrophysical data (CC+Pantheon+BAO samplers with late universeExpand
Tension between SNeIa and BAO: current status and future forecasts
Using real and synthetic Type Ia SNe (SNeIa) and baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) data representing current observations forecasts, this paper investigates the tension between those probes in theExpand
New parametrized equation of state for dark energy surveys
We present a new parameterization for the equation of state (EoS) $\omega_X=P_X/\rho_X$, which can reproduce a $f(R)$-like evolution with a precision between $[0.5\%-0.8\%]$ over the numericalExpand
BAO cosmography
Cosmography provides a model-independent way to map the expansion history of the Universe. In this paper we simulate a Euclid-like survey and explore cosmographic constraints from future BaryonicExpand
Cosmological analysis of a DGP stable model with $H(z)$ observations
In this paper, we will present a Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati stable model in order to perform an observational test using $H(z)$ data and radial BAO scale in the galaxy distribution. In this vein, weExpand
Unveiling the tachyon dynamics in the Carrollian limit
We briefly study the dynamics at classical level of the Carrollian limit, with vanishing speed of light and no possible propagation of signals, for a simply effective action in a flat space with anExpand
Improving data-driven model-independent reconstructions and new constraints in Horndeski cosmology
In light of the statistical performance of cosmological observations, in this work we present an improvement on the Gaussian reconstruction of the Hubble parameter data H(z) from Cosmic Chronometers,Expand