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Bat Species Richness in Atlantic Forest: What Is the Minimum Sampling Effort?
Evaluating how sampling effort typically used in inventories affects the number of bat species captured in areas of Atlantic Forest in southeastern Brazil found that genera richness showed a similar pattern to that of species richness. Expand
Order Chiroptera (Bats)
Bat community species richness and composition in a restinga protected area in Southeastern Brazil.
The main objectives of the present study are to describe the bat community in a restinga in Paulo Cesar Vinha State Park, Guarapari municipality, state of Espírito Santo, southeastern Brazil. Expand
Assessing host specificity of obligate ectoparasites in the absence of dispersal barriers
The host specificity of obligate and permanent blood-feeding bat parasites was tested under experimental conditions where parasite dispersal barriers had been removed and parasites not only readily accepted a secondary host species but also remained there when a primary host was immediately available. Expand
The karyotype of Blarinomys breviceps (Mammalia: Rodentia: Cricetidae) with comments on its morphology and some ecological notes
The specimen collected in Serra da Concordia was kept alive for seven days and was fed with live arthropods, what confirms their insectivorous feeding habit, consistent with the molar teeth morphology. Expand
ATLANTIC BATS: a data set of bat communities from the Atlantic Forests of South America.
Information is compiled on bat communities from the Atlantic Forests of South America, a species-rich biome that is highly threatened by habitat loss and fragmentation and reveals a hyper-dominance of eight species that together that comprise 80% of all captures. Expand
Bats from the Restinga of Praia das Neves, state of Espírito Santo, Southeastern Brazil
Tonatia saurophila was recorded for the first time not only in the state of Espirito Santo but also in the restinga ecosystem, and the most abundant species was Artibeus lituratus with 32% of all captures. Expand
Mammals, Serra da Concórdia, state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The Atlantic Forest in the state of Rio de Janeiro is extremely fragmented and reduced in its original extension. Although there are a great number of studies related to the biome, few lists areExpand
Displaced amacrine cells in the ganglion cell layer of the hamster retina
The results indicate that more than 40% of the neurones in the GCL of the hamster retina are displaced amacrine cells. Expand