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The marine Tubificidae (Oligochaeta) of the barrier reef ecosystems at Carrie Bow Cay, Belize, and other parts of the Caribbean Sea, with descriptions of twenty‐seven new species and revision of
Fifty‐nine species of Tubifieidae are recorded from Belize on the Caribbean side of Central America. Twenty‐five are new to science: Ainudrilus geminus sp.n., Heronidrilus gravidus sp.n.,Expand
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A generic revision of the Phallodrilinae (Oligochaeta, Tubificidae)
The generic classification of the subfamily Phallodrilinae (with a total of 252 species) is revised according to phylogenetic principles. Morphological character patterns are assessed under theExpand
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Marine subtidal Tubificidae and Enchytraeidae (Oligochaeta) of the Bergen area, western Norway
Abstract Seven tubificid and five enchytraeid oligochaete species are recorded from 63 subtidal sediment samples from the fjords near Bergen. One of the tubificids is considered conspecific toExpand
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Marine Oligochaeta from the Koster Area, West Coast of Sweden, with Descriptions of Two New Enchytraeid Species
A total of 28 species of marine Oligochaeta (belonging to the families Naididae, Tubificidae and Enchytraeidae) are reported from eulittoral and sublittoral sediment samples taken in the Koster areaExpand
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Two New Genera of Marine Tubificidae (Oligochaeta) from Australia's Great Barrier Reef
Macquaridriloides gen.n. is established for M. heronae from Heron Reef in Queensland, Australia. The species is characterized principally by its lack of spermathecae, and its elaborate male efferentExpand
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Seven new marine species of Phallodrilus (Oligochaeta: Tubificidae) from various parts of Europe, and a re-examination of the type species P. parthenopaeus Pierantoni
Phallodrilus parthenopaeus Pierantoni, 1902, originally described from the Bay of Naples, is reported from other parts of Italy and from Ireland, and the description of its male genital ducts isExpand
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New records of Grania (Clitellata, Enchytraeidae) in the Northeast Atlantic (from Tromsø to the Canary Islands), with descriptions of seven new species
Previous northeast Atlantic records of Grania have been mainly from Germany, southern Scandinavia, and the Atlantic shores of France, Spain and Ireland. They were referred to eight species, with one,Expand
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Marine Tubificidae (Oligochaeta) of Antarctica, with descriptions of three new species of Phallodrilinae
Five species of Tubificidae are recorded from Antarctic waters: Torodrilus lowryi Cook, 1970, Torodrilus sp. (subfamily Rhyacodrilinae), Marionidrilus antarcticus sp. n., M. weddellensis sp. n., andExpand
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