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A comparative trace element study of diamonds from Premier, Finsch and Jagersfontein mines, South Africa
Abstract Neutron activation studies of the impurity chemistry of more than 1500 natural diamonds from three South African kimberlite sources: Premier, Finsch and Jagersfontein, provide evidence forExpand
Organic aciduria in late-onset biotin-responsive multiple carboxylase deficiency
Late-onset, biotin-responsive, multiple carboxylase deficiency (McKusick 21021) is an inherited autosomal recessive disorder and high concentrations of dietary biotin are thus required to prevent the symptoms of theBiotin-deficient state. Expand
Crystal and molecular structure of tris (2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-3,5-heptanedionato) aquodysprosium(III), Dy(thd)3H2O
The crystal structure of Dy(thd)3H2O has been solved by three-dimensional X-ray methods at room temperature. The space group isP¯1 and the cell dimensions area = 14·21(1),b = 14·88(2),c = 11·60(2) Å,Expand
Natural diamonds—Major, minor and trace impurities in relation to source and physical properties
Nuclear techniques for the determination of 39 impurity elements in diamonds are described. A common impurity chemistry was found for different diamonds and is considered to reflect the compositionExpand
A stable tracer technique for calcium metabolism studies.
The favourable results obtained for two calcium loading tests demonstrate the applicability of the tracer technique to intestinal absorption studies and the ability to utilize small volumes of sample is of direct benefit to paediatric metabolism research. Expand
Sensitivity amplication by sample preconcentration in ion beam analysis
Abstract The development of ion beam techniques, namely particle induced X-ray emission (PIXE) and charged particle activation analysis (CPAA), for the determination of the platinum group elementsExpand
Pixe analysis of the platinum group elements preconcentrated from geological samples
Abstract A fast multi-elemental method of measuring the platinum group elements (PGEs) in geological samples is needed for the geochemical study and the commercial exploitation of these metals. TheExpand
Sulphur saturation in the lower and critical zones of the Eastern Bushveld Complex
Abstract A suite of ultramafic and mafic rocks from the lower, critical and lower portion of the main zones of the Bushveld Complex has been analysed for Th, Cs, Zr, Ni, Cr and Au by INAA and XRFExpand
Limits of detection for impurities in uranium-rich matrices by ion-induced nuclear analysis
Abstract Proton and helium ion induced nuclear reactions, with energies lower than the uranium-fission Coulomb barrier, are proposed for the activation analysis of impurities in uranium. The reactionExpand