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Oil Pollution and Water Quality in the Niger Delta: Implications for the Sustainability of the Mangrove Ecosystem
Water pollution from crude oil spills in the mangrove ecosystem was investigated employing water samples obtained from three different locations in the Niger Delta. Focused group discussions were
Politics of Conflict Oilification and Petro-Violence In The Niger Delta
The dialectical contradictions of modern states, which threaten stability and existence, are resolved in a way to stimulate social and economic development. The contradictions of the Nigerian state
Insecurity in the Niger Delta and the Future of Nigeria's Federalism
For over five decades oil from the Niger Delta has been the pivot of the Nigerian economy. However, while other areas enjoyed the benefits of oil revenues, the region has wallowed in misery. This
The Nigerian state has earned huge revenues from the vast oil resources in the Niger Delta, since the advent of oil in 1956. However, despite the huge revenues, the Niger Delta remains an epicentre
Contradictions of Security Paradigms and State Repressions in the Niger Delta Sub-Region of Nigeria
  • C. Emuedo
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • 2012
The paper concludes that until this contradiction of security is resolved, violent conflicts may continue in the Niger Delta.
The Diaspora and Conflicts
The past two and half decades have witnessed a surge in the prominence of the Diaspora as a key player in the international political arena. This is not surprising, given the percentage of the world
Oil activities, unsustainable environment and the combative reactionism of women in the Niger Delta
The Niger Delta is made up mainly of rural communities with the majority of the people depending mostly on fishing and farming for their livelihoods. The traditional division of labour gives the