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Faecal alkane recoveries from multi-component diets and effects on estimates of diet composition in sheep.
In a feeding trial with sheep, four animals each were fed one of the three roughages (perennial ryegrass (PR), meadow fescue (MF) and red clover (RC)) or one of the four different mixtures (g/day 250Expand
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Variation in precaecal amino acid and energy digestibility between pea (Pisum sativum) cultivars determined using a linear regression approach
1. An experiment was conducted to study the variation in the precaecal amino acid (AA) and energy digestibility of 4 cultivars of white-flowering peas (Pisum sativum) for broiler chickens. The 4Expand
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Effect of variable intake of alfalfa and wheat on faecal alkane recoveries and estimates of roughage intake in sheep
The alkane technique allows estimates of intake and diet composition. For the latter a correction for incomplete recovery of faecal alkane concentrations has to be made. Feeding level and dietExpand
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Effect of ileum segment and protein sources on net disappearance of crude protein and amino acids in laying hens
1. This study investigated the net disappearance of crude protein (CP) and amino acids (AA) from soybean meal and rapeseed meal in different sub-sections of the ileum of hens. A basal diet was usedExpand
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Biological Effectiveness of Methionine Hydroxy-analogue Calcium Salt in Relation to DL-Methionine in Broiler Chickens
Two feeding trials were conducted to assess the relative bioavailability (RBV) of methionine hydroxy analogue calcium salt (MHA-Ca) in comparison to DL-methionine (DL-Met). Male Ross 308 (1-38 days)Expand
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Effect of roughage species consumed on fecal alkane recovery in sheep, and effect of sample drying treatment on alkane concentrations
The effect of roughage species on fecal alkane recoveries (the proportion of ingested alkane recovered in feces) and the effect of sample drying treatment on alkane concentrations in samples ofExpand
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Metabolism and Nutrition : Nutrition I 118 Effects of trypsin inhibitor levels in soybean meal on broiler performance
High levels of trypsin inhibitors (TI), one of the major anti-nutritional factors in SBM, can affect nutrient absorption and bird performance. Five soybean meals (SBM) ranging from 3,100 to 46,100Expand
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Estimation of roughage intake in sheep using a known daily intake of a labelled supplement
A feeding trial with growing sheep was conducted on mixed roughage-supplement diets, to test whether roughage intake could be estimated from a known intake of a supplement and an alkane-basedExpand
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How does pattern of feeding and rate of nutrient delivery influence conditioned food preferences?
Ruminant herbivores have been shown to learn about food properties by associating food flavours with the food’s post-ingestive consequences. Previous experimentation supporting the conditioned foodExpand
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