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A model to design high-pressure processes towards an uniform temperature distribution
Abstract A mathematical model has been developed to describe the phenomena of heat and mass transfer taking place during the high-pressure treatment of foods. It has proved that convection currentsExpand
Smart Polymers and Their Applications as Biomaterials
Summary L iving systems respond to external stimuli adapting themselves to changing conditions. Polymer scientists have been trying to mimic this behaviour for the last twenty years creating the soExpand
Evaluation of drug delivery characteristics of microspheres of PMMA-PCL-cholesterol obtained by supercritical-CO2 impregnation and by dissolution-evaporation techniques.
Poly(methyl methacrylate), PMMA, and of PMMA/Poly(epsilon-caprolactone), PCL, microspheres were loaded with different amounts of cholesterol by using a supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2)Expand
Mechanical and rheological improvement of a calcium phosphate cement by the addition of a polymeric drug.
A polymeric acrylic system supporting a derivative of the aminosalicylic acid was incorporated in a calcium phosphate cement, with the aim not only to achieve some pharmacological effects but toExpand
Porous starch-based drug delivery systems processed by a microwave route
A new simple processing route to produce starch-based porous materials was developed based on a microwave baking methodology. This innovative processing route was used to obtain non-loaded controlsExpand
New partially degradable and bioactive acrylic bone cements based on starch blends and ceramic fillers.
This work reports the development of new partially biodegradable acrylic bone cements based on corn starch/cellulose acetate blends (SCA), prepared by the free radical polymerization of methylExpand
Cell and cell sheet recovery from pNIPAm coatings; motivation and history to present day approaches
The regeneration of cells and cell sheets mediated by thermoresponsive substrates represents an important and ever growing area in tissue engineering. This review seeks to track the development ofExpand
Chemical modification of starch based biodegradable polymeric blends: effects on water uptake, degradation behaviour and mechanical properties
The main disadvantages of biodegradable polymers obtained from renewable sources are their dominant hydrophilic character, fast degradation rate and, in some cases, unsatisfactory mechanicalExpand
New stimuli-responsive polymers derived from morpholine and pyrrolidine
The preparation of three new ionizable monomers: N-ethyl morpholine metacrylate (EMM), N-ethyl morpholine methacrylamide (EMA) and N-ethyl pyrrolidine metacrylamide (EPA) and their respectiveExpand
Self‐curing acrylic formulations with applications in intervertebral disk restoration: drug release and biological behaviour
New injectable acrylic formulations have been prepared to be applied in restoration processes for intervertebral disks (IVDs). The solid phase of the formulations is composed of poly(methylExpand