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Lichen epiphyte diversity: A species, community and trait-based review
The forest canopy is fundamentally important in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem function. Cryptogamic epiphytes are dominant tree bole and canopy elements in temperate and boreal forests,Expand
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Ideology in America: Index
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The Great American Biotic Interchange revisited
The “Great American Biotic Interchange” (GABI) is regarded as a defining event in the biogeography of the Americas. It is hypothesized to have occurred when the Isthmus of Panama closed ca threeExpand
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DNA barcoding of lichenized fungi demonstrates high identification success in a floristic context.
• Efforts are currently underway to establish a standard DNA barcode region for fungi; we tested the utility of the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA for DNA barcoding inExpand
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We explore worldwide foreign direct investment location decisions by Japanese manufacturing firms from 1985 through 1991. Our conditional logit estimates provide evidence that firms’ locationExpand
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Early Human Settlement of Northeastern North America
This paper summarizes current evidence for earliest human occupation of northeastern North America during the late Pleistocene and early Holocene. We review evolution of the region's landscapes andExpand
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Response of British lichens to climate change scenarios: Trends and uncertainties in the projected impact for contrasting biogeographic groups
Projection of species-response to climate change scenarios is a key tool in conservation strategy. Previous studies have projected climate change impacts for animal and vascular plant species usingExpand
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Ash dieback in the UK: A review of the ecological and conservation implications and potential management options
Abstract The death of native trees caused by non-native pathogens is a global problem. An assessment of the potential ecological and conservation impacts of any tree disease should identify: (1)Expand
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Factors Influencing the Use of Stone Projectile Tips
This paper summarizes the results of a pilot study of the ethnographic and ethnohistorical literature designed to address certain questions concerning the use of stone projectile tips. The term “tip”Expand
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