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Biology and Ecology of Earthworms
The role of earthworms in soil structure, fertility and productivity, and the influence of environmental factors on earthworms are described.
Biology of Earthworms
The role of earthworms in organic matter cycles and the effect of environmental factors on number of microorganisms are studied to help clarify the role of pests.
Effects of vermicomposts and composts on plant growth in horticultural container media and soil
Summary Vermicomposts, which are produced by the fragmentation of organic wastes by earthworms, have a fine particulate structure and contain nutrients in forms that are readily available for plant
Encyclopedia of Soil Science
Changes in biochemical properties of cow manure during processing by earthworms (Eisenia andrei, Bouché) and the effects on seedling growth
Summary The biochemical changes in fresh cow manure caused by the earthworm Eisenia andrei (Bouche) were measured over a period of four months, under controlled laboratory conditions. Earthworms were