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Mutagenic activity of acrylamide in eukaryotic systems but not in bacteria.
The vinyl monomer acrylamide (AA) was studied for its activity in a range of genotoxicity tests, including the Salmonella/microsome test, the fluctuation test using Klebsiella pneumoniae, the testExpand
The mutagenic action of nitroimidazoles. IV. A comparison of the mutagenic action of several nitroimidazoles and some imidazoles.
8 compounds, including 5 with a weak mutagenic action in the fluctuation test, were investigated by the Ames test in which Salmonella typhimurium TA100 was used, and several of the substances tested for mutagenicity showed an antimicrobial activity. Expand
The mutagenic action of nitroimidazoles. II. Effects of 2-nitroimidazoles.
The 2-nitroimidazoles Ro-71051 and Ro-5-9963 increased the mutation rate of a Klebsiella pneumoniae mutant to streptomycin-resistance including streptomecin-dependence in Luria and Delbruck's fluctuation test in concentrations of 0.05-1 mM and 0.02-0.2 mM respectively. Expand
On the mutagenicity of nitroimidazoles.
It is unlikely that the therapeutic applications of the presently used nitroimidazoles, except for azathioprine, will cause an increase in the tumor incidence in man or will cause other genotoxic effects, although such effects cannot be excluded with certainty. Expand
The mutagenic action of aliphatic epoxides.
The mutagenic action of 45 epoxides was investigates in Luria and Delbrück's fluctuation test with Klebsiella pneumoniae as test organism and the ring compound 4-vinylcyclohexenedioxide, used in electron microscopy that the antibiotic fosfomycin is among the more potent Mutagenic substances investigated in this study. Expand
An eleven-year study of drug resistance in Salmonella in the Netherlands.
It is shown in this study that the greatly increased use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for medical and veterinary purposes and for animal feeding over the last decade in the Netherlands has not led to the development of serious drug resistance from the medical point of view. Expand
The mutagenic action of quindoxin, carbadox, olaquindox and some other N-oxides on bacteria and yeast.
The mutagenic action of 3 coccidiostatic chinoxaline-N-oxide derivatives, quindoxin, carbadox and olaquindox, was investigated by Luria and Delbrück's fluctuation test, with Klebsiella pneumoniae andExpand
Mutagenicity of methyl bromide in a series of short-term tests.
Results indicate a relatively low mutagenic efficiency of the compound, as expected from its alkylating properties. Expand
The capacity of some nitro- and amino-heterocyclic sulfur compounds to induce base-pair substitutions.
The capacity of 27 heterocyclic sulfur compounds to induce base-pair substitutions was investigated with Klebsiella pneumoniae and Salmonella typhimurium TA100 as test organisms, and all sulfur compounds with nitro groups and some thiazoles with an amino group were mutagenic. Expand